The Indiana Works Foundation (501c3) is part of the state’s lead economic development agency, the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC). The IEDC Board members also serve as board members to the IEDC Works Foundation. In order to respond quickly to the needs of businesses, the IEDC is organized as a public-private partnership focusing our efforts on growing and retaining businesses in Indiana and attracting new business to the State. Through the Works Foundation, we’re creating opportunities for all Hoosiers to have an impact on growing our economy and creating new jobs in our communities.


We entered the year knowing it was going to be exhilarating—we close 2016 with Indiana Governor Mike Pence as Vice President-Elect of the United States and Lt. Governor Eric Holcomb and State Auditor Suzanne Crouch as Indiana’s newly elected leadership. Wages are up ($25.43/hour), unemployment is down (4.0% Dec. 2016) and Indiana continues to add more jobs (20,320 in 2016 YTD) to our record private-sector employment while unemployment remains well below the national level.

With the Regional Cities Initiative, $1B Initiative for Innovation & Entrepreneurship and the Indiana Roads Initiative, Indiana continues to invest in our future by focusing on infrastructure, talent attraction and retention, and the jobs of tomorrow. We’ll continue to invest in our most important resource, our people, as we continue to prove to the rest of the country that Indiana is A State that Works!


Indiana has created a strong business climate by maintaining our AAA credit rating and balancing our budget for over a decade, which means we don’t borrow against our future to spend more on economic development than we can afford. Other states outspend us, but few can match our business climate or our success for winning new jobs and investment.  We rely on private dollars for much of our economic development efforts. Donations to the Indiana Works Foundation enable us to compete in a global economy by eliminating financial barriers. Your investment will directly stimulate growth, innovation and jobs for Hoosiers.